Rotor Sense Helicopter Services' mission to become the premier provider of video materials for the helicopter industry presents a unique opportunity to reach a very targeted and focused audience.
Many new aircraft purchasers select equipment for their respective aircraft because of familiarity with the equipment. Imagine the opportunity to introduce your product to thousands of new and aspiring helicopter pilots.

Each Rotor Sense video produced will have a very limited amount of sponsorship opportunity available to companies that support the helicopter industry.

If your company would enjoy increased exposure to your target demographic while at the same time supporting high quality training please contact us to explore our sponsorship programs.



Welcome to Rotor Sense Helicopter Services LLC. We're dedicated to providing helicopter pilots with the best, most comprehensive, and visually appealing training materials available.

As an introduction to our company, we're offering the first 10,000 copies of "Wire Strike Prevention"
FREE of charge.

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