Helicopter Day at Gilham Elementary School
Eugene Or. June, 2009

Rotor Sense Helicopter Services, LLC. sponsored what Principle Gig Nelson hopes will become an annual event. Helicopter Day at Elementary school began with Rotor Sense CEO, Ken Klarfeld Flying an R44 around the school perimeter and landing on the baseball field. The school faculty escorted the entire school, class by class out to the field for a Q&A with Ken. The kids were all very enthusiastic and eager to learn about helicopters. “We turned a fun event into a kind of junior physics lesson for these young future pilots.” Said Ken Klarfeld. “The kids were all extremely wide eyed and excited”. Principle Nelson commented “It’s great when businesses in the community present real world demonstrations to our students. Rotor Sense’s visit was the high point of the school year for many of our students.”

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