• Where is Rotor Sense Helicopter Services, LLC. Located?
Rotor Sense Helicopter Services, LLC. Is located in Eugene, Oregon.

• Can I see a sample of your videos?
YES! Click here to preview a short sample of our first video...
• Can Training videos be used as a substitute for a helicopter CFI?
Absolutely not!  Rotor Sense Helicopter Services, LLC. Videos are intended to supplement the information you will receive from your CFI. Our videos are intended to familiarize you with the information and maneuvers you will use as a helicopter pilot. They will be very valuable as a preparation tool as well as review material.

• How often will new titles be released?
Rotor Sense Helicopter Services, LLC. Intends to release 1 new title each quarter.
• What else does Rotor Sense Helicopter Services, LLC. Offer?
As a company primarily focused on the training of helicopter pilots we will also be available for onsite safety seminars. If you'd like one of our instructors to speak at your event, please drop us a line.
• What is the quality level of your videos?
All of our videos are shot on 1080p high-definition XDCAM equipment, so the quality is incredible. The videos are available in DVD format, or as an online MP4 video download.



Welcome to Rotor Sense Helicopter Services LLC. We're dedicated to providing helicopter pilots with the best, most comprehensive, and visually appealing training materials available.

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