Rotor Sense Helicopter services, LLC. is a new company that specializes in the needs of the aspiring helicopter pilot. The founder of the company is a professional pilot, certified flight instructor with single engine, instrument and multi engine instructor certificates as well as rotorcraft certified flight instructor and instrument instructor rotorcraft.. While working to add helicopter instructor to this list of aviation accomplishments a lack of quality training materials for the aspiring helicopter pilot was discovered. An extensive search revealed some material targeted at the helicopter market produced by fixed wing training companies as supplemental helicopter products. However the need for a company which specialized in helicopter training materials was apparent.
Rotor Sense Helicopter Services was born. Rotor Sense Helicopter Services product roadmap will include a full series of training maneuver videos as well as test preparation videos for all levels of helicopter training.
CEO Ken Klarfeld
Twenty five plus years experience in general management, marketing, engineering and sales across a variety of high tech companies from the largest defense contractor in the U.S. to a start up company in the conceptual stage.
Aviation accomplishments:
Fixed wing Commercial pilot CFI CFII MEI
Helicopter Commercial pilot CFI CFII
Ground Instructor advanced and instrument
Mark Hohstadt
Mark is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner with over 13,000 hours as a helicopter pilot. With over 25 years EMS experience following 10 years of agricultural flight work Mark has a unique real world view of helicopter flying. Prior to Mark’s civilian work he was a helicopter combat pilot in Vietnam. From combat to charter to examiner Mark shares his experiences while teaching you the ups and downs of the helicopter industry.



Welcome to Rotor Sense Helicopter Services LLC. We're dedicated to providing helicopter pilots with the best, most comprehensive, and visually appealing training materials available.

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