We're giving away 10,000 copies of our first video!

Wire strikes are the number-one cause of fatal helicopter accidents. This video will give you the tools you need to deal with low-altitude obstacles, off-airport landings, and hidden flight hazards.

This 30-minute, high-resolution video will put you in the cockpit with experienced instructors, as you fly through actual situations encountered in everyday flying. 3D graphics and out-of-the-window videography makes the lessons ultra-clear, and easy-to-understand.

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Why are we just giving away our first video? Our goal is to produce a series of instructional helicopter videos on all manner of safety, flight-planning, and pilotage subjects. As a new firm, we want to introduce you to our videos because we're sure that once you've seen one, you'll come back to order our titles again and again.

Other companies have done very well supporting the fixed wing market with training materials. The aspiring helicopter pilot does not currently have the same options available to him or her for these materials. The fixed wing companies have produced some supplemental materials. These materials are not adequate for the targeted helicopter student.

Rotor Sense Helicopter Services' mission is to fill that void. Our goal is to become the nations premier supplier of video based helicopter training materials.



Welcome to Rotor Sense Helicopter Services LLC. We're dedicated to providing helicopter pilots with the best, most comprehensive, and visually appealing training materials available.

As an introduction to our company, we're offering the first 10,000 copies of "Wire Strike Prevention"
FREE of charge.

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